3# First Season- May 2009

After an inspring meeting with Prof. Norman Uphoff from CIIFAD, Cornell Univ. in 2008, a number of us from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia decided to form a research group dedicated to carry out research on SRI. SRIPADI was formed in July 2008. We obtained some Research Universiti (GUP) funding to carry out SRI research and activities. Two locations, Tanjong Karang (O Block, Sawah Sempadan) and Beranang were identified as our SRI experimental plots. Pak Deri and Misnan from Nagrak Organic Sri Centre (NOSC) were our consultants from Indonesia to start off our organic SRI at these sites. We initially started with testing three varieties for each site, two of them being traditional varieties. However, in the end we abandoned the traditional varieties due to their long maturity duration and logistics. So for our first season, MR219 and UKMR2 (previously known as UKM 7) were transplanted in the fourth week of January 2009. The results for Beranang were highly encouraging giving about 7 and 5 tons per ha for MR219 and UKMR2 respectively while the yield for Tanjong Karang stood at about 4 tons per ha for both varieties. Our yields are higher than the national average of about 3 tons per ha obtained for organic irrigated rice and matches or exceed the national average of about 4 tons per ha. for conventional irrigated rice.

During harvesting in Beranang

Harvesting UKMR2 and MR219, Beranang May 2009

2# Organic SRI Workshop

On 31 Jan 09, we conducted an organic SRI workshop attended by about 20 participants comprising government officers from MARDI, FELCRA officers, lecturers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, SEACON members, farmers from Semanggol and Tanjong Karang and Kajang residents facilitated by Pak Deri and Misnan of NOSC. The workshop was jointly organized by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kajang Municipal Council, Nagrak SEACON and Seri Bayu Teratai.

During workshop

All the participants

SRI practical by Misnan

SRI practical by Pak Deri

SRI practical

SRI field practical

SRI field practical

Demonstration how to make compost